Monday, December 3, 2012

Limited time and bugfixes

Just a quick update on the brightness controller development.
I have not had a lot of spare time lately so i have not added any new features to Brightness Controller. I am still planning on doing so but it will probably be in the new year.

But i have managed to get time for a small bugfix and release it as Brightness controller 1.4.3. 

Full Changelog

1.4.3 - 03/12-2012

- Fixed a bug where the main windows was opened behind other open windows.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Brightness controller 1.4.2

Brightness controller 1.4.2 is finally ready for the masses :-). GET IT HERE

And just like 1.3.1 this version adds support for a 20" Apple Cinema Display. But this time it's the older 2003 version with acrylic frame.

Apple Cinema Display 20"

Another new feature is support for multiple displays at once. (screenshot comming up later).

There are also some other minor changes and fixes.

Full Changelog

1.4.2 - 18/10-2012

- Added support for 20" Cinema Display with acrylic frame.
- Enabled multi screen support.
- Fixed system tray right click menu position when DPI scaling is higher than 100%.
- Lots of code changes including improved threading and performance.
- Fixed some power management issues that might prevent the PC from going to sleep.
- Brightness controller now requires .net 4.5 installed.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Brightness controller 1.3.1

Brightness controller 1.3.1 is ready for download. GET IT HERE while it's hot off the compiler.

This version adds support for yet another display. This time it is the 20" Apple Cinema Display with aluminum frame from 2004.

Apple Cinema Display 20"

There are also a lot of behind the scenes changes in the code that should allow for easy addition of new display types.


1.3.1 - 09/09-2012

- Added support for 20" Cinema Display with aluminum frame.
- Merged brightness control logic for all displays.
- Smoother brightness change when keeping shortcut buttons pressed.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Brightness controller 1.2.3 released

Woop woop wooop!
Brightness controller 1.2.3 is ready for download.

This version adds support for the aging 23" Apple Cinema Display HD with acrylic frame from 2002.

Apple Cinema Display HD 23"

The release also includes a fix for a crash bug with the 24" LED Cinema Display and a few other minor changes.


1.2.3 - 20/08-2012

- Added support for 23" Cinema Display HD
- Fixed startup crash with 24" Cinema Display
- Improved numeric inputs so letters can't be pasted
- Layout adjustments, spelling fixes and better error messages

Monday, August 13, 2012

Brightness controller 1.1 and issue tracker

Good news everyone :-)
I have had time for a bit of development and Brightness controller 1.1.0 is now ready for download. GET IT HERE.


1.1.0 - 13/08-2012

- The step size of the increase/decrease Hotkeys can now be adjusted.
- Added profiles that allow the user to set the brightness to a specified values.
- Redesigned options
- Improved error handling.

Brightness controller issue tracker

I am in the process of moving the brightness controller project to bitbucket and have opend the issue tracker to the public.
Any bug reports or feature requests can now be created directly in the issue tracker.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brightness controller 1.0.0 released


1.0.0 - 14/06-2012

- Added support for 24" Cinama Display
- Added support for 27" Thunderbolt Display
- Added tooltip when moving the slider


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Brightness controller 0.9.0 released


0.9.0 - 12/05-2012

- Collect data about HID devices to add support for more screens
- Removed the last references to windows forms


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Brightness controller 0.8.0 released


0.8.0 - 07/04-2012

- More keys allowed as hotkeys.
- Added support for direct Hotkeys without any modifier keys.
- Improved Update checking (now with a fallback site if my home server is down)
- Lots of changes behind the scenes like improved threading and preperations for multi monitor support (TESTER NEEDED)


Monday, March 19, 2012

Brightness controller 0.7.1 Bugfix


0.7.1 - 19/03-2012

- Fixed bug where disabled Hotkeys could not be enabled

Important upgrade note.

Users on x64 systems coming from v 0.6 or below must uninstall the previous version of brightness controller as the installer is not capable of correctly updating from x86 to x64.

Brightness controller 0.7 released


0.7.0 - 19/03-2012

- USB changes to allow the program to be compiled for both x86 and x64
- Settings are now upgraded from previous versions
- Options window now opens centered on main window
- No longer installs in "Program Files (x86)" on x64 systems
- Added Supports for fast user switching
- Fixed a crash bug that occured when opening about box from system tray
- Installer now detects if program is running

Important upgrade note.

Users on x64 systems coming from v 0.6 or below must uninstall the previous version of brightness controller as the installer is not capable of correctly updating from x86 to x64.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brightness controller 0.6 released


0.6.0 - 15/03-2012

- Hotkeys can be individually enabled or disabled
- New Hotkey for turning off the display
- Improved asynchronous update checking
- Added in app and web donation buttons
- Lots of code cleanup

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Brightness controller


I created a seperate page for Brightness controller

Brightness controller is a small tool for controlling brightness of Apple Cinema Displays on a Windows PC.

It has only been tested on windows 7 and my 27" Cinema Display.
Other models probably have different product id's so my tool won't work. I will try to update with other models as soon as i get the relevant information from users.

First beta release
Download LINK

Update about Hotkeys
I did not have time to make the hotkeys configurable in this release. But they are hardcoded to
CTRL + ALT + '+' to increase brightness
CTRL + ALT + '-' to decrease brightness

Updated With Screenshots
Main Window