Saturday, February 25, 2012

Brightness controller


I created a seperate page for Brightness controller

Brightness controller is a small tool for controlling brightness of Apple Cinema Displays on a Windows PC.

It has only been tested on windows 7 and my 27" Cinema Display.
Other models probably have different product id's so my tool won't work. I will try to update with other models as soon as i get the relevant information from users.

First beta release
Download LINK

Update about Hotkeys
I did not have time to make the hotkeys configurable in this release. But they are hardcoded to
CTRL + ALT + '+' to increase brightness
CTRL + ALT + '-' to decrease brightness

Updated With Screenshots
Main Window



  1. with the shortcuts , its perfect now (y) :)

    i have one more suggestion , how about presets for brightness . one for reading/browsing and gaming ..etc
    i guess 3 are enough for most.

    it'd cool if i press Ctrl+ ALT +1 for reading and browsing
    and Ctrl + ALT + 2 for gaming or movies

    just an idea


  2. Good idea.
    I will put that on the todo list.

  3. Thank you so much for making this brightness controller!